Throw an IT Problem At Me
and Watch It Go Away

Sounds cocky, huh?

Well, keep reading


Admittedly, this list of services is incomplete, but it'll give you an idea of what I do.


I'm a hardware supplier, partnered with DELL

Network and system administration

I administer computer networks and systems, connecting computers and keeping operating systems and accounting software running


I run and service both analog and digital CCTV, including dealing with the legal framework


I know how to operate security systems

(Paradox certificate) (Jablotron certificate)


I run and service switchboards

(2N Omega certificate)

What to expect?

I have a pretty clear idea of what an IT person needs to be able to do. Which is why:

I provide

long-term solutions rather than patching things up only to have them fall apart once I'm gone.

I keep an eye

on your suppliers while always looking after your interests.

I'm a straight-shooter

I operate on the up and up and don't tiptoe around problems.

I'm on call 24/7

so feel free to call me pretty much any time.

You're probably thinking, Hey, that's not the IT guy I'm used to dealing with.

Possibly. I'm first and foremost a human being, not an IT person. Not a cold fish, me. I believe in direct and open communication, for starters.

That's why there will be no service contracts or flat fees. You'll only pay for the services I have actually provided.

I get a real kick out of solving problems. I literally lose sleep over ones I can't seem to crack.

I don't mind admitting I'm a freelancer. Why put on airs, right? Still, I've been around long enough to be able to hook you up with some reliable top-notch suppliers.

My customers trust me and they keep coming back in increasing numbers. Speaks for itself, right?


Are you looking for an IT expert who's good at what he does and who will respect both you and your work?

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